2/3/2020 / by freakylinkz@movim.eu

see more dinos at dannarchy.com

2/3/2020 / by freakylinkz@movim.eu

I stoled dis from myonlinepityparty.neocities.org

2/2/2020 / by freakylinkz@movim.eu

This is my first handmade site in probably 25 years. I feel like Encino man, web edition.

The last I was coding, DHTML and javasript were new and css was something only the profesionals used. Now we have bootstrap and you can hardly find a wordpress theme creation tutorial without mention of bootstrap. Seems to be a barrier into webdesign.

In just the last 24 hours, I've used tags I've never heard of and looked for old tools I haven't used in years; like easy thumbnails.

The new web is just too flat, polished, comercialized. Its lost its original humanness.

For the longest time, I thought there HAS to be more to the internet than facebook and youtube. And this is it. You can imagine my delight at discovering neocities.

This website will become my time capsule holding many of my ideas and interests. Something facebook just isn't designed for.

Whats your screen name?

Enthusiast coders have revived MSN with YMSGR and AIM in the works. In the mean time the perfect alternative is xmpp, especially via movim. Together they are a social network that doesn't collect and sell your data and you can use the IM portion via the third party client of your choice. I like Miranda-NG and Spark IM.

Lets enjoy the world wide web again!

Add me on your xmpp "buddy list". My JID is freakylinkz@movim.eu.

You can get your own at movim.eu or any other xmpp server.

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